The material must be adapted to the advertising system Google Ad Manager (GAM) Bonnier News use out of. The clickTag variable should be used as a definition for the click-through URL in all the clickable areas in annonsen.Detta for us to measure clicks on it, and that it should be possible for AdOps to the request to change / add the destination url in efterhand.Vi then recommend the use of clickTag ie NOT to hard-code click-through URL GAM warns about the lack of proper clickTags or if there is a URL hardcoded in annonsen.clickTagen be easy for the ad server to read, use no minification or obfuscation. (However, there is no problem to use it on the rest of the material) The script for the clickTag variable must be in the head-taggen.Försäkra you that all surfaces to be clickable using the clickTag variable definition of click-through URL.

Examples where clickTag is implemented in HTML code:
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
<meta name="ad.size" content="width=300, height=250"><script type="text/javascript">var clickTag="";</script></head>
[The residue of YourCreative code goes here.]</html>
NOTE! Make sure that the surfaces to be clickable using the clickTag variable definition for the click-through URL:
<a href=""><img src="images/dclk.png" border=0>

Multiple click tags counts up to the same number. - Destination links should be annexed in the email sent to the Bonnier news. - If you have multiple destination links to specified those with which clickTag used. In a scenario where the destination link must be hard-coded in the creative for example when the link is created dynamically, or the like. Then clickTag be added before the link destination as shown here: (clickTag + "", "_ blank"); or this: (clickTag + dynamicUrlObject, "_ blank"); If the destination of the link contains characters? or & link should be coded as follows: clickTag + encodeURIComponent ( "") In this scenario, do not the destination link is sent to the publisher, just a statement that the destination link is hard-coded in creative, and that clickTag tracking has been set.